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I learned to wish on airplanes in a city too bright to see the stars.  if there’s one thing that you’ve taught me, it’s to look for magic wherever you are.  so tonight I’ll use this flying wish and hope that it comes true.  I’m just asking this airplane to bring me back to you. 


just write: too bright to see the stars.

I remember when we first met and the way you’d look at me, like I was the only one in the room and the prettiest girl you’d seen. I keep memories of those sweet glances, I lock them safely up inside, because the way you look at me has slowly changed with time. but it’s […]


just write: sweet glances.

I can still picture it after all of this time, how you’d share with me your secrets as I would tell you mine. and we’d lay upon a rooftop trading secrets like playing cards as we stared into the sky hoping to see a shooting star.  I think of you sometimes, when a star is […]


just write: like playing cards.

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