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  1. Jane E. says:

    My family is really into having hobbies as a child and then…not? It’s quite baffling, because I’m autistic and they continue to infantilize me. They wanted me to have friends and hobbies, and I was like 26 then, but they didn’t want me to have hobbies that didn’t…make money.

    I’m 30 now. Hobbies don’t always have to make money. It’s quite cathartic when hobbies don’t make money.

  2. chelsea says:

    hi chelsea šŸ‘‹šŸ» – this is beautiful + so well said. alllll the feels. I just published a blog post that speaks so much to this. about how I stopped blogging because somewhere along the way I switched the narrative “it needs to make money or it’s not worth the time spent”. but what you said + what I realize, if it brings joy that should be enough. after I wrote this, I spent some time digging through my blog’s archives and I found a comment you left on a post about homemade croutons, FROM 2016. that’s what led me here. to you. to this. thank you for these words you shared. they reaffirm what I just wrote + how I feel.

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