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Goodbye, January.  Goodbye to a month of anticipation, of not knowing what to expect or when to expect it. Goodbye to being worried about what life with Jack would be like. Goodbye to being pregnant! Goodbye to interview season. Goodbye to knowing a world without this precious little guy, to only knowing him from the […]


Goodbye January, Hello February.

And this is the story of how baby Jack came into this world. Tuesday, January 12th. I had been having contractions on and off since Christmas, and I just knew that at this appointment, only two days away from my due date, the doctor was going to tell me I was super close to having a baby. […]


Baby Jack: A Birth Story. (Part One)

I think that you might know the answer to every time I’ve wondered why, because you smile like you are holding life’s great secrets deep inside. I’m desperate for some answers, grasping at any I can find. I promise if you tell me how to smile like that, I’ll lock the answer safely up inside.


just write: life’s great secrets.

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