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My name is Laura and I blog at www.laughteriscatching.com  Fun.  Would Beyonce take this crap?  The Time Traveler’s Wife. Reflections of a Twenty Something in the Rain. My gorgeous goddaughters! Another fun fact about Laura: She just got MARRIED! Comments have been turned off so you can go congratulate her! You can also find her on twitter and instagram. Go say […]


Your New Favorite Blog: Laughter is Catching.

I think the best gifts are the ones you would have never bought for yourself. So when Christopher bought me a tiny Polaroid camera for our anniversary, I was so freaking excited. We all know that cute things are only made cuter when they’re tiny (except for food–I still don’t get why you can charge […]


Instax Mini 8 Giveaway!

When I was thinking about 2015 and goals and resolutions, what kept coming up in my mind was that I didn’t want to try to reinvent myself, becoming a whole new person. I just wanted to become the best version of the person I already was. I’ve really been working on this so far this […]


Becoming the Best Version of Yourself.

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