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In case you missed it, the title of my book is Happy to be Alive, Because.  I love thankful Fridays, and I thought it would be fitting to move them in a new direction by making them happy to be alive Fridays.  1.  My book is available for P R E – O R D E […]


Happy to be alive, because…

It’s late at night and I know there’s no way I’m going to be able sleep because I’m so excited to share all of this with everyone.  In case you’re new around here: I wrote a book.  I’ve been so nervous that something was going to go wrong or fall behind schedule, so I’ve been afraid […]


This is Real Life: A Book Update

Happy Monday!   I added a few new things to my shop yesterday, and these are probably my favorite.  Felt flowers in a tiny mason jar that you can send to your friends.  Or yourself.  Or both, because they’re a heck a lot cheaper than sending real flowers.  And you get to keep them for longer than […]


send someone flowers today.

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