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Let me just start off by saying that never have I hated the internet and social media more than I have this month.  It just seems to offer a giant platform for people to say things they have not thought about, make claims about issues they have not researched, and jump on bandwagons that they […]



Let’s talk about loving Jesus. Let’s talk about being cool and fitting in. Let’s talk about showing others how we love Jesus. Let’s talk. Here’s the deal, friends.  My mom sent me this article this morning.  I love it.  I agree with it.  And unless you read it, this blog may not make a ton […]


Let’s talk.

My friend texted me this morning with a question. Should you throw a baby shower for an unmarried woman? I gave her my opinion, one that I know I’m pretty alone in. Yes, I think you should.  Because that’s the woman who needs support and love and gifts, because she’s going to be doing this […]


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