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Most anything I write ends up in some sort of digital format. Blog posts and poems and stories and ideas…they all end up either displayed on the internet or living in a Word document on my computer. But almost everything is written down in a notebook first. Good old-fashioned pen and paper just inspire me […]


A Cup of Coffee and A Blank Page.

A failure. That’s what I felt like when it came to writing in 2015. To be clear: I do not feel like I was a failure in 2015. I spent most of the year growing a tiny human who already means more than anything I have ever done or will ever do. But when it […]


Sometimes, You’re Closer Than You Think.

I learned to wish on airplanes in a city too bright to see the stars.  if there’s one thing that you’ve taught me, it’s to look for magic wherever you are.  so tonight I’ll use this flying wish and hope that it comes true.  I’m just asking this airplane to bring me back to you. 


just write: too bright to see the stars.

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