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she wasn’t just a person, to him she was much more. she wasn’t merely skin and bones, but a universe to explore. and so he put his faith in her, though somewhat undeserved. he just knew that she would save him, for she knew he needed her. but she couldn’t save him, nor did she […]


just write: merely skin and bones.

I love words and writing. Creative words and writing especially. Poems and books and stories and even blog posts, taking real life and writing about it creatively. I love writing it and I love reading it. Creative words are wonderful. But sometimes, I wonder if they really matter. This morning, 22,000 words into a book […]


Are Your Creative Words Important?

sweet like when the summer first kisses your skin, for the first time since December you feel happy again. so why don’t you pack your bags and let’s just get away before it gets any colder we can make a grand escape.


just write: great escape.

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