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I spend a lot of time thinking about words. Words for a blog post, words for a story, words for instagram captions. I love words. I think they can change the world.  We’ve probably all been told at some point or another to be careful with our words. That they can hurt people. Sticks and […]


Poison or Fruit (You Choose).

Sometimes we all need a little motivation. Something that taps us on the shoulder and whispers in our ear to stop being an idiot and to get up and do the things we keep talking about doing.  via//via//via//via//via//via//via//via Now, I’m off to make all the things and write all the words. Happy Thursday!


Quotes to Motivate You to Just Do it Already.

the ocean’s full of secrets,  so salty from our tears.  it’s full of bitter, broken dreams swept off to better years. when you lay your dream down and choose to walk away,  the ocean sweeps it out to sea to make sure it stays safe. until one day, years from now,  you’ll visit the sea […]


just write: ocean dreams.

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