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Fall is the time to get outside and enjoy the weather, of course, but it’s also the time to cozy up with some coffee and watch some good movies. These are my favorite shows and movies that remind me of fall, and they’re almost all on Netflix.  You’re welcome.  via Friday Night Lights. The quintessential […]


TV Shows & Movies to Get You in the Mood for Fall.

Summer is upon us, and it is the most wonderful time for every reason except one: Television. Your shows are ending, your nights are free, and you will spend the next four months pondering the finales and googling when they come back on. In the meantime, Netflix is about to be your new best friend. […]


Series You Need to be Binge-Watching on Netflix.

That you cannot always judge a show by it’s name. Why would I like a show called Parenthood when I’m not even a parent? Oh, that’s right…because it is the greatest show that has ever existed.  That there is nothing more important that family. And that family doesn’t always look like you think it will. That […]


I Finally Watched the Finale: Lessons Learned from Parenthood.

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