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Coffee. Extra, extra coffee. Sometimes, curling up and holding a warm cup that smells delicious (and tastes even better) is all you need to bring you back to life. Saying no and staying home. Sometimes it’s the best thing you can do to take care of yourself. Sometimes it’s saying yes and going out, and […]


Things I Believe in This Week.

Breakfast food tastes best after dark. A good haircut changes everything. Bright colors are the best colors. If you give a girl a good cup of coffee and some sequins, she can change the world. Most problems seem significantly smaller after a long bubble bath. There’s something in every day worth celebrating. If there is […]


I Firmly Believe That…

Recently a friend of mine posted a status that had to do with her personal belief in God.  Because nothing can stir up unneeded controversy between people who don’t know each other quite like a Christian Facebook status, it soon had many comments that all said some variation of “you’re an idiot.” However, one really […]


Why I won’t stop tweeting about Jesus.

Stranger Things and Back to School Mantras.

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