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November 8th:  Words My blog is no stranger to this subject!  {here. here. and here.} I love words.  So freaking much.  That’s why I started blogging, because I wanted an excuse to add more words to my life.  They are a beautiful thing, whether they are written, printed, spoken. . .they are powerful.  I’m thankful for pretty […]


The Thankful Project: November 8th.

{The Thankful Project} November 7th:  A job. I feel like it’s always a risk to write about your job on your blog, so for today’s prompt I’m just going to write some things that my current job has taught me, because I’m thankful for the things I am learning.  Sometimes it’s okay to say no.  […]


The Thankful Project: November 7th

November 5th: A talent you have.  {via} Writing.  I only have two talents that I know of:  I can write and I’m crafty.  Everything else I have to work at, but being creative is my thing. I’ve always loved writing.   Growing up I wrote poems and a lot of stories that began with the words, it […]


The Thankful Project: November 5th.

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