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I made Halloween plans around a year in advance for this Halloween. The second Taylor Swift released her tour dates and I saw that she was going to be in Florida on Halloween, I knew that’s what I would be doing. Because one, Taylor. Duh. And two, seeing Taylor with everyone dressed up and dancing […]


It’s Different, But it’s Good.

1. It does not matter that I don’t even have a CD player anymore, I WILL be waiting in line at Target for this one. And the next one. And all of them. The year will be 2042 and I will STILL be waiting in line so I can read the lyrics booklet. via 2. We do not […]


10 Struggles Every Taylor Swift Fan Knows to be True.

1. She gives you confidence to not care what other people say about you–and to maybe even tell them you don’t care. People were making fun of her for being a bad dancer. So what does she do? Releases a music video of herself dancing. Boom. She knows how to laugh at herself, and it’s […]


13 Reasons You Should be Listening to Taylor Swift Right Now.

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