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When I read that sweet Emily from The Freckled Fox lost her husband last week, it broke my heart in a deep way. Not because I know her personally (I don’t), but because it just seemed so utterly unfair.  My heart was already heavy from recent events, and it just filled me with a lot […]


When Life is Hard.

Life is going to throw you days that really suck.  I pride myself in being a really positive person and always focusing on the good in things.  But sometimes, there are going to be days, or weeks, or months that just totally suck.  You heard it here, from the girl laid up in bed with […]


lemons + lemonade.

Sunday started with my computer crashing and ended with me at the emergency vet with my sweet pup. And things pretty much went downhill from there.  The past few days have been a struggle.  So this isn’t a happy blog post about how you should stay positive when things go wrong.  This is a real […]


and that’s okay.

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