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Okay, so you’re trying to decide if you want to take the leap and get a dog or not. You’ve made a pros and cons list and you’re just torn. No worries, I’m here to solve this dilemma for you. You need a dog.  I’ve compiled a list of reasons why. You’re welcome. 1. Your […]


10 Reasons You Absolutely Need a Puppy.

I was so excited when we got Gatsby in November, I never blogged about how we got Gatsby.  Since my husband was 100% team no-puppy-ever, I bring you.. SIX STEPS TO CONVINCE YOUR HUSBAND YOU NEED A PUPPY. Step One: Ask for a puppy every single day.  I started asking for a puppy the day after […]


How To: Convince Your Husband To Buy You a Puppy.

Once upon a time, I captured a wild fox and told everyone he was a puppy. Little did I know how helpful he would be with chores around the house! Like folding laundry laying on top of warm laundry…. …and helping with the dishes trying to blend in with the dishwasher so maybe I’ll accidentally give him […]


A Very Helpful Little Fox.

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