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In case you’re new around here, I’ll let you in on a very important fact about me: I start celebrating fall on September first. I love summer. Pool days and fruit and slower days…it’s the best. I’m a Florida girl, a summer girl, but fall is the season that holds my heart.  I love this […]


The Swing Forward Camp.

If I had to choose a way to describe life right now, I think I’d say in love. Or maybe enjoyed. Or I’d choose content. Or savor. Or possibly inspired.  I am just so in love with life right now. I’m in love with Chris being home, and I’m in love with getting to spend […]


Nothing Inspires Me Quite Like Fall & Winter.

h e l l o   f a l l . hello to sipping on something pumpkin or apple flavored every morning. hello to celebrating a new season. hello to oranges and reds and yellows. hello to spending more time outside. hello to decorating my tiny little home with scarecrows and owls. hello to pumpkin […]


H A P P Y S E P T E M B E R .

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