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I’m sure you read that and think, Ah, yes. She got pregnant and lost her identity. She became a mom and motherhood swallowed her. She forgot who she was because she was just a mom. Because we’ve all heard one version or another of that story before. But that’s not true for me. See, I […]

Mom Life

I Forgot Who I Was: How Pregnancy Changed Me.

Some of my favorite posts ever are the lists of people who need to stop killing my vibe (here and here). I think we have established that there are rude people who can’t keep their thoughts to themselves pretty much everywhere you go, but let me just tell you…those people come crawling out of the woodwork when […]


People Who Need to Stop Killing My Vibe: Pregnancy Edition.

Before I got pregnant, I was in the best shape I’d ever been in. I’d finally gotten into a routine where I enjoyed working out every day, and my body was definitely reflecting that. When I found out Jack was on the way, I thought, “Great! I’ll be one of those people who works out […]


Postpartum Jean Shopping: A Horror Story.

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