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she wasn’t just a person, to him she was much more. she wasn’t merely skin and bones, but a universe to explore. and so he put his faith in her, though somewhat undeserved. he just knew that she would save him, for she knew he needed her. but she couldn’t save him, nor did she […]


just write: merely skin and bones.

he simply handed her his coat,  and just like that, she was warm again.  sometimes the answer isn’t some grand solution, but rather, just a helping hand.


just write: a helping hand.

I learned to wish on airplanes in a city too bright to see the stars.  if there’s one thing that you’ve taught me, it’s to look for magic wherever you are.  so tonight I’ll use this flying wish and hope that it comes true.  I’m just asking this airplane to bring me back to you. 


just write: too bright to see the stars.

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