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I write a lot of pep talks on here. Someone recently asked me if I could pick one thing for people to take away from my blog, what would it be. My answer was, “That I’m in their corner and I’m cheering them on.” That’s the reason I love writing mini pep talks in the […]


A Different Kind of Pep Talk.

If I could tell you anything today… …I’d tell you that your story matters. I read a book this summer that changed my entire outlook on (and I believe the whole trajectory of, honestly) my life in one chapter, because the author shared a part of her story. That may sound dramatic, but it’s not. […]


If I Could Tell You Anything Today.

As of tomorrow, the first month of 2019 will come to an end. I hope it has been SO good to you. I hope you’ve stayed on track with any resolutions you’ve had. If, like me, you decided this year was less about resolutions and more about just living, I hope you’ve survived AND thrived. […]


Lifelong Resolutions We Should All Have.

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