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As of tomorrow, the first month of 2019 will come to an end. I hope it has been SO good to you. I hope you’ve stayed on track with any resolutions you’ve had. If, like me, you decided this year was less about resolutions and more about just living, I hope you’ve survived AND thrived. […]


Lifelong Resolutions We Should All Have.

Sometimes, I miss January. Not really January, exactly, since it’s kind of the buzzkill of all months. But I miss the motivation and enthusiasm for change that comes in January. In January, I wake up excited to tackle my to-do list. I’m motivated to examine every area of my life and see how I can […]


Any Day is a Good Day to Celebrate a Fresh Start.

Sometimes we all need a little motivation. Something that taps us on the shoulder and whispers in our ear to stop being an idiot and to get up and do the things we keep talking about doing.  via//via//via//via//via//via//via//via Now, I’m off to make all the things and write all the words. Happy Thursday!


Quotes to Motivate You to Just Do it Already.

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