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Do I look any different than I did last time we talked?  Because I’M A DOCTOR’S WIFE NOW.  I don’t know when that’s going to get old. It’s been three days and it’s not old yet, so just bear with me.  Graduation has come and gone, and the love of my life has finally achieved […]


Do I Look Any Different?

GUYS. In fifteen days, Christopher will graduate from medical school. Two weeks from tomorrow, he becomes a doctor. A real life, actual, M.D. doctor. I’m feeling a lot of the things I expected to be feeling: Relief that these four years are over, excitement for the next stage, sentimentality for the places we’ve gone and […]


Feeling So Thankful For The Last Four Years.

I have a love/hate relationship with Match Day. The parts of it leading up to the day…the pressure and  anxiety and how everything is kept in the dark and the complete lack of answers…I hate that part. A lot. But the actual Match Day? I loved it. Best day ever. And I think I would […]


What’s Match Day Really Like?

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