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One thousand, three hundred and eighty days ago, I was desperately trying to catch a plane from LA to Orlando. I had been in Los Angeles all week as a sponsor on a youth trip, but I was supposed to fly back Sunday morning because Chris’ White Coat Ceremony was Monday morning. What happened instead […]


One Thousand, Three Hundred and Eighty Days.

1. No one really cares that you’re married. Let’s just get this out of the way…it doesn’t matter that you’re married. It doesn’t change anything for anyone other than you. Your spouse does not get extra vacation days simply because they have a wife who would like to go on vacation. I know, the world […]


Married in Med School: What You Need to Know.

Let me start off by saying that I love being a med-school wife.  I love it because being married to someone who is doing what they absolutely love is really just the best thing in the world. Yesterday, Chris delivered a baby, so we celebrated with champagne.  I mean, that’s just fun. Of course, not […]


10 things you hear when your husband is a medical student.

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