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Today is one of those rare days where I woke up early on my own, Jack is still sleeping, and I can sit here with a cup of coffee and just write a post for today. Live stream, if you will. And whoa, is this what blogging was like when I first started and didn’t […]


Coming in Live.

So much of day-to-day happiness is caused by little things. Catching an unexpected green light, dinner turning out to be delicious, the smell of coffee in the morning, getting a good night’s sleep. Things we don’t really think of as noteworthy, but they make us happy all the same.  I say cheers to those ordinary […]


The Little Things.

Breakfast food tastes best after dark. A good haircut changes everything. Bright colors are the best colors. If you give a girl a good cup of coffee and some sequins, she can change the world. Most problems seem significantly smaller after a long bubble bath. There’s something in every day worth celebrating. If there is […]


I Firmly Believe That…

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