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Today is one of those rare days where I woke up early on my own, Jack is still sleeping, and I can sit here with a cup of coffee and just write a post for today. Live stream, if you will. And whoa, is this what blogging was like when I first started and didn’t […]


Coming in Live.

Yesterday was just one of those days. I woke up motivated, made a great to-do list, worked out, and was on track to get stuff done. And then it happened, as all good days turning bad do…one thing at a time. I got a horrible headache. Jack is teething (dude, this kid has SO many […]

Pep Talks

Bouncing Back From a Bad Day.

Time-hop is absolutely slaying me on a daily basis lately.  A year ago, we were flying all over the country for interviews. We had zero idea about where we would end up. I was so pregnant.  I remember being in Michigan for an interview, drinking hot chocolate and walking around shops, and this one shop […]


What a Year.

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