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You know those days (or sometimes weeks, or sometimes months) where life just seems like it’s dark? Like the bad news is never going to stop, like evil is always going to prevail?  Yeah, me too.  But then, do you know those other moments? The pure goodness, the genuine happiness, the special, little, simple, extraordinary moments […]


The Bright Ones.

Before too much time passes and I become that annoying person who won’t shut up about their vacation (just kidding, that’s already me), I wanted to share some pictures from our trip!  We went to Hammock Beach Resort, and if you’re looking for a relaxing beach trip, I seriously cannot recommend it highly enough. It was perfect. First […]


Vacation, I Love You.

My birthday was Friday and Chris had to work (BOO), so my friend Sam spent the day with me. We laid by the pool and drank entirely too many LaCroixs and went out for some really good pad thai. Then I let my blogger freak flag fly and pulled out my tripod because we actually […]


My Heart is Full.

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