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That I have a strong desire for being able to peacefully disagree. || It’s been bothering me so much lately how we, as humans, can’t seem to just disagree and move on. We have to be right, and if we’re right, then the other person must be wrong, and that’s that. And if that’s that, […]

What I'm Learning

What October Taught Me.

Graduating college. I was extremely paranoid about graduating college. For months, I made pointless meetings with my advisor to go over things “one last time” because I just had a gut feeling something was off. I even met with a second advisor, because I couldn’t shake the feeling. Aaaand my gut was right.  Two days […]

What I'm Learning

Things That Didn’t Go According to Plan.

The season of life I’m in right now forces me to stop and savor things while simultaneously reminding me of just how difficult that can be. Every single day is full of a thousand moments I want to remember forever, and every single day is full of busyness and work and stress that make it […]

What I'm Learning

Remember What it’s All About: Stop & Savor.

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