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I think journaling is one of the best things you could do, but if you don’t journal regularly, the idea can be overwhelming. And even if you do, it’s easy to get in a rut and let months pass by without writing anything down. So whether you’re in a creative rut or you just want […]


A Year of Journaling: 52 (More) Journaling Prompts.

Last week I wrote a post about why you should keep a journal. I thought it would be cool to follow that up with some prompts to help you get started if you’re new to journaling, or if you’re just in a journaling rut.  1. Write an “About Me” about yourself. 2. A list of things you’re […]


A Year of Journaling: 52 Journaling Prompts.

It gives you a chance to write without worry about spelling or syntax or cheesiness. You get to write whatever you want without having to think through what it’s going to sound like to other people. It’s just yours. It helps you work through things. Sometimes you find yourself in a position where you want […]


Why You Should Keep a Journal.

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