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My first year of college, I took an adolescent literature class. For our final, we each had to give a presentation of a popular YA book. The quietest girl in class, someone I’d spoken only a handful of words to, was the last one to present. She had been given The Book Thief, a book […]


Speak it: This is Not Okay.

We live in a time where it’s super easy to talk about people. I think a lot of that has to do what we’re constantly exposed to.  Stand in line at the grocery store for 30 seconds, and you pretty much have a list of negative qualities of every current celebrity right in front of […]


susie & sally.

“Sometimes I really do hate myself” “I wish I had a thigh gap” “One day, I will look like _______” “Why can’t I just be better?” These are all things I have seen on my twitter feed in the past two hours.  It breaks my heart to see anyone, especially young women, be so insecure. […]


you are enough.

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