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Breakfast food tastes best after dark. A good haircut changes everything. Bright colors are the best colors. If you give a girl a good cup of coffee and some sequins, she can change the world. Most problems seem significantly smaller after a long bubble bath. There’s something in every day worth celebrating. If there is […]


I Firmly Believe That…

Recently a friend of mine posted a status that had to do with her personal belief in God.  Because nothing can stir up unneeded controversy between people who don’t know each other quite like a Christian Facebook status, it soon had many comments that all said some variation of “you’re an idiot.” However, one really […]


Why I won’t stop tweeting about Jesus.

Usually when an issue has strong sides, I like to write about it.  There’s just a little bit of a rush knowing you have an opinion that so many other people either share or vehemently disagree with.  I don’t know, it’s a writer thing.  But I really hate controversy so please be nice to me.  […]


On Halloween.

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