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I’m writing this outside, on a blanket, soaking up the first warm and sunny day we’ve had in a long time. The grass is still brown and crunchy, but the sun is hot and bright and a reminder that Florida is about to come back to life. I’m writing with a pen and paper, because […]


Little Joys.

Let’s be happy today.  It’s Monday, for one thing. That means that if you are in need of a fresh start, here you go! It’s here. Use it! Let it be the starting line for you becoming the happiest you have ever been.  Know what else is here? Summer. (Or, if you live up north, […]

Pep Talks

Let’s be Happy Today.

When we got this house, I knew I wanted a coffee bar. When I found this yellow beauty, I knew it needed to come live in my house. And then, when I couldn’t decide if I wanted to make it a coffee bar or a wine bar (how do you choose between two great loves?), […]


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