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No Flaw Make-Up Bag by Boro Creations: $15 A makeup bag that reminds you that you’re already perfect? Every girl needs one of these.  Gentle Reminders Pencils by ACD Shop: $12 Little life mottos in mint and gold. On a pencil. Sold.  Global Hot Sauce Sampler by World Market: $20 I think any sort of […]


Creative Christmas Gifts Under $20.

Because not everyone appreciates cat sweaters and funny pajamas like you. Personalized Stationery.  Personalized Stationery Set by The Fox and The Teacup: $16 How adorable are these?! They make a thoughtful gift (because you took the time to have them made specifically for whoever they’re for) and they’re not too expensive. Win-Win.  Mugs.  Set of […]


Gift Ideas for Adults: Christmas Gifts under $20.

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