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Two months of being homeowners (SO ADULT) and it still feels like a dream. Sure, in this dream we are also exhausted and overworked (Chris, not me) and have a teething baby, but STILL. We have a house. LIVING THE DREAM.  I still get all teary-eyed when I think back to the weeks leading up […]


Two Months in Gainesville.

I remember the first time I “came home” to Orlando. We got back from our honeymoon the first week of January and it was freezing. I had only packed tropical clothes, naturally, and shivered in my neon orange shorts the whole way to out apartment. When we walked in-my first time coming home to this […]


Goodbye, Orlando. Love You Forever.

I have the most exciting news (to me, anyway)…we bought a house! I know I’ve alluded to it here and there, but I didn’t want to talk about it until everything was for sure all set. With so many big life-events happening lately, I was kind of waiting for the other shoe to drop. With […]


We Bought a House!

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