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My friend Lindsay (who, side note, is one of my favorite bloggers. Like, I’d continue to read her blog even if I was no longer a blogger because it’s just the best) does a yearly Airing of Grievances post inspired by Festivus. When she announced it early this time, I knew I had to join […]


Happy Festivus! An Airing of Grievances.

“Sometimes you’re the dog, sometimes the tree.” That’s Cam Eubanks’ instagram bio and I laugh every time I see it, and every time I read it, it reminds me of parenthood.  Let me paint you a picture of my Saturday.  On my way to meet my friend Sam at the mall, Jack passed our hard. This […]


Sometimes You’re The Dog, Sometimes You’re The Tree.

Back when I asked for topics anyone would like to see me write about, someone suggested I write a “day in the life” post. Now, while I will eventually write one of those, the day I got that suggestion just so happened to be the most INSANE day with Jack, so I couldn’t miss the […]


A Day in The Life (With a Toddler) (Send Help).

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