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Let’s kick today off with a little story…not for the faint of heart.  Yesterday, Chris had to work, so I took Jack to church by myself. Sometimes this goes great, and sometimes I barely make it fifteen minutes, but I at least like to try. He drinks an entire bottle at once (very unusual) as […]

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From The Cutting Room Floor: September 2016

Our wedding was perfect.  It absolutely reflected everything I wanted our wedding to reflect, and I loved every single second of it.  It was the best night ever.  That being said, there were some pretty hilarious moments at our wedding.  You’re welcome in advance. The missing tux.  The downside of groomsmen getting dressed so soon […]


my wedding was pretty funny.

This week, someone came into my work, walked up to my desk and said, “You have such beautiful eyes..I bet you make the best biscuits!”  And then walked away.  I was trying to figure out how to work that into a blog when I realized that actually, there have been a lot of funny/awkward moments […]


2013 was funny.

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