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The biggest event this month was the hurricane. Gainesville ended up being fine-not even a bad storm! But my little bub helped me prepare just in case. Pretty sure that Gatsby might think he’s a cat. His favorite place is perched balancing on the top of the couch. Jack’s new favorite activity: Crawling all over […]


From the Cutting Room Floor: October.

Stranger Things and Back to School Mantras.

Let’s kick today off with a little story…not for the faint of heart.  Yesterday, Chris had to work, so I took Jack to church by myself. Sometimes this goes great, and sometimes I barely make it fifteen minutes, but I at least like to try. He drinks an entire bottle at once (very unusual) as […]

Mom Life

From The Cutting Room Floor: September 2016

A little look at life in August through snapshots that never quite made it to the blog.  First things first: I colored my hair pink on a whim. I need an hour to decide where I want to eat lunch, but big decisions like this? Nah, better not think about it, let’s just do it.  […]


From the Cutting Room Floor: August.

Stranger Things and Back to School Mantras.

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