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I hope everyone had an absolutely incredible Thanksgiving that included far too much food and being surrounded by those you love. I am so thrilled to introduce my new website to you:  www.prettylovelylittles.com Pretty Lovely Littles is a handmade shop of accessories, decorations, and anything else that I think will make you happy when you […]


Exciting news and a Black Friday sale!

Happy Friday, beautiful people! I always love Fridays, but this week I welcome Friday with open arms and tell it that I missed it greatly. Oh Friday, you were gone so long this week. I have a few fantastic favorites this week, so prepare yourself. 1. AMBER. I tried to pick which thing from her blog […]


Friday Favorites!

You guys.  I just realized that this will be my first year without a spring break. Can we just talk about this? First, that’s depressing and makes me miss college. Second, I vote that spring break should be extended into your post-college years.  You know, to help break the ice of the real world and […]


friday favorites and no spring break.

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