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I had an amazing time celebrating yesterday, as I know the majority of America did. my amazing parents. fourth of july snuggles.  just chillin’ in the pool, no big.  Why did we celebrate? Well, most of us were taking advantage of a day off. But the reason we celebrate? We celebrate our freedom. We live […]



Happy Wednesday, beautiful people! Today is a brand new day full of so much potential. It has the ability to be a starting point of something new, if you want it to be. Today can be the day you look back on and realize that was the day you started something really great. It can […]



“Sometimes I really do hate myself” “I wish I had a thigh gap” “One day, I will look like _______” “Why can’t I just be better?” These are all things I have seen on my twitter feed in the past two hours.  It breaks my heart to see anyone, especially young women, be so insecure. […]


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