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The first time I saw this saying, it was on a t-shirt. Just seeing it made me tear up, because it just felt so perfect for what I was feeling at the time. I bought it and declared it my new favorite. Of course, it was from Forever 21, so I think I wore it […]


Your Daydream is a Part of You. Don’t Give That Up.

Like most months that come with big events, May taught me a heck of a lot. But-as cheesy and cliché as I am about to sound-I can sum it all up in one lesson.  May taught me that dreams really do come true. This month, I got to see the love of my life achieve […]

What I'm Learning

The One Big Thing that May Taught Me.

I have this shirt that I snagged out of my dad’s giveaway pile when I was thirteen. It says, “feel free to change the world.” I’m not sure where it came from–a conference or a concert, maybe. Either way, I still have it. I’ve always loved wearing it–it’s over a decade old and it’s perfectly soft […]


Feel Free to Change the World.

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