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Dear You, I hope that this Christmas season has been-and continues to be-one for the books. I hope it has been full of magic and cheer and that the next two weeks are filled to the brim the best kind of hustle and bustle.I hope that this year finds your surrounded by people who love […]


Dear You: A Christmas Letter.

Monday night, we had our annual Christmas date. Chris picked me up at the door of our apartment with flowers…something that doesn’t really happen anymore once you live together! We saw Love, The Coopers, listened to Christmas music, went shopping, walked around the mall with the giant Christmas decorations…it was a magical night, and it […]


Sometimes Christmas is Just the Best Gift of All.

And just like that, Thanksgiving weekend has passed and we’re back to real life. Except this month, real life is all about celebrating Christmas. Sure, I have to go back to work today and tackle a long to-do list, but I’m currently drinking peppermint mocha coffee out of a snowman mug (that I got at […]


Goodbye November, Hello December.

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