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k. white photography We live in an age of following your dreams. Self-help books, podcasts and blog posts about chasing after what you want are not in short supply.  Personally, I love it. I love the era we’re in of you can do anything and no dream too big and look how far she came […]


On Big Dreams + Small Dreams + In-Between Dreams + YOUR Dreams.

I think that sometimes the whole “chasing your dreams” idea can make us a little snobby about good opportunities. Because really, it’s pretty easy to tell yourself that you’re working hard when you’re sitting around pinning motivating quotes on pinterest that are going to help you work hard once a good opportunity comes along. It’s […]


Work, Work, Work.

Can we even believe it’s August already?! I loved every second of summertime, but I’m excited for August.  For me, August marks the beginning of the beginning of fall, the most wonderful season of all!  {I know that’s stretching it, but what else are we going to celebrate in August?} If you’ve been around my […]


Dreams and such.

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