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We left off with me riding the epidural high-those magic pain-free moments after hours of pain. Magic, I tell you.  My parents came by and my dad remarked that it was so nice to see me so calm and relaxed. I think what me meant was knowing you, I’m shocked that you’re not a terrified […]


Baby Jack: A Birth Story (The End).

Continuing the story of baby Jack and how he came into this world. Part one here. We left off with the grumpy nurse, but unfortunately, that is not where she leaves my story. She took us back to a triage room, hooked me up to a monitor and, within ten minutes, told me I was going […]


Baby Jack: A Birth Story. (Part Two)

And this is the story of how baby Jack came into this world. Tuesday, January 12th. I had been having contractions on and off since Christmas, and I just knew that at this appointment, only two days away from my due date, the doctor was going to tell me I was super close to having a baby. […]


Baby Jack: A Birth Story. (Part One)

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