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October, November, and December are my very favorite months. Although they’re two distinct seasons (fall and Christmas), in my mind, it’s a 90 day magical season. We talk a lot about savoring seasons, about making the most of them and getting all you can out of them, but that kind of talk is mostly reserved […]


Savoring the Seasons That Fly By.

Being present is something that’s so hard to do, yet it’s gained a lot of popularity lately. Living in the here and now is so important, but it’s kind of become a fad, making it seem like it should be easy, or that everything will work out perfectly if you just do it, because so […]


The (Im)Perfect Here & Now.

I usually hate the term “unplugged” when it’s applied to technology.  Usually because the people who use it are the same people who can’t make it through a conversation without looking at their phone and will throw their kid an iPad the second tears start, but they went a whole hour without their iPhone, and […]


A Very Present Christmas

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