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The things that people say on social media really shouldn’t surprise me anymore, but yesterday, I was a little taken aback.  Yesterday was my first time celebrating Mother’s Day with a baby of my own. Last year on this day, actually becoming a mom was the farthest thing from my mind, even though there was […]


Mother’s Day & Being Nice.

I have a sign hanging up in my house that says “Work hard and be nice to people.” My mom bought it for me while we were shopping for my birthday last year. I saw it hanging in Francesca’s and loved the simplicity of it. It’s some of the best advice, but it’s so, so […]

What I'm Learning

Work Hard & Be Nice to People.

You guys. It’s been quite the week. I have a lot of adjectives (and honestly, some expletives) that I’d like to put in front of that word, but we’ll just keep it simple and say it’s been a week. And I was really looking forward to a fresh start today. So, I wake up early […]


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