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In the monotony of daily life, chasing after happiness can seem like an endless, really big project. And sometimes, it is. But sometimes it’s simpler and more easily attained than we make it out to be. Sometimes no big changes need to be made, no big trips need to be taken. Sometimes you’re just a […]


Some Simple Ways to Just Be Happy Today.

We live in a world where coffee exists. Amen & Amen. As of this weekend, the sun hangs around a little longer. Which means that 1) SUMMER IS COMING and 2) You won’t feel like it’s time to go to bed at 6:30. Just kidding. You’ll still be just as tired, but it will be […]


8 Reasons to Just be Happy Today.

shirt Some of my favorite blog comments are when someone mentions my positivity. I’m an eternal optimist and always have been, but I still try really hard to make sure my life is a happy place. I think making an effort to be a positive person is something that can make your life exponentially better. […]


Life is Far Too Short to Be Anything Other Than Deliriously Happy.

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