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I’m sitting down to a computer for the first time since the day I went into labor, and even though it’s only been 12 days, it feels like an eternity has passed between then and now. I now have an eleven-day-old, and my tiny family is now made up of three people (and a fox!) […]


Life Changes.

I once attended a wedding where the bride had a panic attack right as she was walking down the aisle. She froze, started shaking, and just kept saying “no, no, no.” Unfortunately, this didn’t happen until she was already in front of everyone, and her dad decided that the best thing he could do was […]


Are you Ready?

My Favorite Things I Discovered in August.

Gatsby doesn’t hate all this lounging and waiting on Jack to arrive.  Remember how I said my pregnancy was both flying by and lasting forever? I take it back. It’s definitely lasting forever. I didn’t know time could move this slowly. It’s only been 2016 for 7 days? Lies. Surely this year has already last […]


39 Weeks: Things I Want to Remember.

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