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We left off with me riding the epidural high-those magic pain-free moments after hours of pain. Magic, I tell you.  My parents came by and my dad remarked that it was so nice to see me so calm and relaxed. I think what me meant was knowing you, I’m shocked that you’re not a terrified […]


Baby Jack: A Birth Story (The End).

Week twenty-one: you suck your bottom lip in and it’s the cutest // still the best snuggler around // teething is the pits // the happiest // your expressions crack me up // we bought you a bumbo seat and you absolutely hated it // on the other hand, you love your bouncer more and […]


Twenty-Four Weeks With Jack: All of the Pictures.

Sweet little bub,  The bigger you get, the more fun we have. You’re growing into your own little personality, and it’s so much fun to see what makes you laugh. You love to be a part of everything that’s going on around you, love to go swimming, and, most recently, you loooove you some veggie […]


Letters to Jack: 5 Months.

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