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Two very important things about me: 1. Fall is my very favorite thing in the world. 2. I start celebrating fall on September 1st. Now, I realize that a lot of people don’t like this and that you may think I’m rushing summer to be over, but hear me out: I live in Florida. If […]


The Swing Forward Camp.

Happy August! Let me just be redundant for a second and ask HOW is it already August?! We’re quickly approaching my favorite part of the year! There are 31 days in August, and you get to decide how to spend them. Of course, I have some suggestions. 1. Go see Paper Towns! 2. Pick one area of your house and […]


Spending Your August: A To-Do List for Adventuring Through the Month.

Can we even believe it’s August already?! I loved every second of summertime, but I’m excited for August.  For me, August marks the beginning of the beginning of fall, the most wonderful season of all!  {I know that’s stretching it, but what else are we going to celebrate in August?} If you’ve been around my […]


Dreams and such.

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