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HAPPY OCTOBER! It is officially the start to my favorite three months EVER.  The most wonderful time of the year starts today, y’all.  I’m pretty happy about it. The first day of a new month always holds so much potential and leaves me drawing up a to-do list and creating new goals.  Today is no […]


Being Intentional.

Congrats to Eliza E. who won the giveaway!  You are never too young you are never too old to set a goal for your life to make that your dream and to chase it relentlessly. That passion that you feel when you think of what you want to accomplish with your life? Savor it. Grab […]


Chase it.

Sometimes it’s just really refreshing to inspire yourself about your dreams.  My dream is to be a writer.  I don’t know what yours is, but I figure if you like reading blogs, there’s probably a little bit of a writer inside of you, and you might like some inspiration of your own.    {via} happy […]


on writing.

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