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If you’ve followed me for more that two minutes, you probably know a good portion of my life comes from Amazon. Dresses? Amazon. Bikinis? Amazon. Reusable straws? Amazon. ALL THE EXTRA EARRINGS EVER?! Amazon, baby.   I’m SO FREAKIN’ EXCITED because Amazon finally approved my storefront! This means I can keep all the things I’m […]

Favorite Things

Amazon Storefront + Giveaway!

Amazon prime has my heart. We all already knew this. But summer buys on Amazon have really just taken things to the next level. Here’s a few recent favorites I can’t stop (won’t stop) wearing:  This acrylic colorful bag. || I am OBSESSED with this. It’s so fun and colorful and summer-y, aka all of the […]


Some Amazon Favorites as of Late!

Does anybody else remember when we used Amazon primarily to buy books? Textbooks, mostly? What did we even do? Where did we even buy our things?  I’m just going to level with you. I love shopping. I love malls and Marshall’s and Ross and Ulta and all of it. However, Jack has entered a very […]

Favorite Things

Amazon Favorites Lately

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