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Thank you so much for all of your sweet words and congratulations on Monday’s post. You guys are really just the best. It makes it so much better and more real to have so many people to celebrate this new step with! Now, I’m a planner at heart. I like to know as many details […]


Embrace the Adventure.

Today is a good, good day.  As I type this, Chris is taking his last ever med school test.  No. More. Studying.  I am so excited about this that I don’t even really know how to put it into words, so I’ll just say this: If you need me tonight, I’ll just be dancing of uncontrollable happiness […]


Life Doesn’t Have to be Extravagant to be an Adventure.

Adventure can be overwhelming to think about, because it can seem like you have to spend all the money and use all the vacation days and travel far away and spontaneously wake up one day and say “screw the deadlines” and quit your job in order to have it. And that’s just not true. To […]


Let’s All be Adventurers This Year.

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